Relationships and Sexuality Education: A guide for teachers, leaders, and boards of trustees offers guidance to teachers, leaders, educators and others involved in sex, sexuality and relationships education. Detailing “learning that can’t be left to chance”, the Guidance offers a coherent and national approach to strengthening teaching around relationships, health and sexuality.

The resource responds to feedback calling on schools to take more action against bullying, violence and child abuse, for schools to be more inclusive, and for schools to help students recognise the importance of diversity and respect in relationships.

The revision takes into account the impact of social media, increasing awareness of sexuality and gender diversity, and the availability of more sexually explicit and confronting online content including pornography. Māori and Pacific views of sexuality and the importance of respecting culture and family in relationships are emphasised, as is education and support for disabled learners.

Peter Aggleton – Emeritus Scientia Professor of Education and Health and senior adviser to WHO and UNFPA – served as consultant to the team updating the guidance.  He said he felt "honoured to be part of a process of securing a coherent, comprehensive and sensible approach to this vitally important area of the school curriculum".

For more information about the resource, visit the NZ Ministry of Education website