CSE academics have secured 7 ARC Discovery Projects in the latest round, including 5 projects led by CSE academics. 

Researchers awarded grants in this round include: 

- Associate Professor Lina Yao; Professor Michael Sheng; Professor Boualem Benatallah    
Robust Preference Inference from Spatial-Temporal Interaction Networks.

- Professor Wei Wang
Effective and Efficient Data Quality Management for Data Lakes.

- Associate Professor Serge Gaspers
Improved algorithms via random sampling.

- Professor Mahbub Hassan; Associate Professor Wen Hu; Associate Professor Ashraf Uddin
Energy-Efficient Human-Sensing with Photovoltaic Internet-of-Things.

- Professor Ana Deletic; Associate Professor Aleksandar Ignjatovic; Dr Behzad Jamali
Urban flood modelling at speed and scale

- Professor Ying Zhang; Associate Professor Wenjie Zhang
Efficient and Scalable Similarity Query Processing on Big Streaming Graphs.

- Professor Jingling Xue
Detecting Asynchronous Event-Driven Order Violations in Android Apps