In 2020 UNSW’s Division of Equity Diversity and Inclusion sparked conversation and encouraged collaboration to increase diversity and inclusion, and a welcoming culture at UNSW and throughout the broader community.  

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is a central objective of UNSW’s 10-year strategic plan, the 2025 Strategy. As one of five initiatives and programs that form the basis of UNSW’s social engagement goals, the Division of EDI used 2020 as an opportunity to engage with students and staff in different ways.  

“2020, the COVID year, was challenging on almost every front for the Higher Ed sector, UNSW and the Division of EDI. It forced us to go back to our EDI values and principles to examine how, in the face of significant budget reductions, job reductions and hardship for many students and some staff, we could remain true to those values,” Professor Eileen Baldry, UNSW EDI’s Deputy Vice Chancellor said.  

Through strategic policies, initiatives, training programs and events, the Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion has continued to ensure that the UNSW community commits to support and nurture diversity of background, thought and experience. In 2020 the Division of EDI drew from their values to create and implement a diverse range of activities, research and connections to support their overall goal to support a diverse and inclusive community.