After graduating from the Masters of Cyber Security Operations, Australian Army Captain Darius Mutsinze has a new appreciation for the complexity and grandeur of the cybersecurity ecosystem.

“One of the highlights of the program was the profound realisation of how little I actually knew about cyber. It was the preverbal iceberg. With each day of study, I was better informed and equipped. Slowly the fathoms of knowledge underneath the water were more apparent and I could start to grasp just how big the cyber iceberg actually was,” Captain Mutsinze said. 

“Cyber is at the heart of everything. It was fascinating to explore the intrinsic interconnectivity of data and our lives. Having now graduated, I am inspired to make those connections more secure, more transparent and most importantly more ethical.

Captain Mutsinze believed that a major strength of the course was the diversity of the cohort, which not only brought a difference of perspective but demonstrated the distinction of cyber study.

“The willingness for individuals to invest in this course, not only to professionally develop themselves and their organisations, but also to better posture Australia within the global cyber domain, speaks volumes on the importance of strengthening our national capabilities in this field,” Captain Mutsinze said.

“Personally, I am looking forward to translating the lessons and insights of this masters into actions and attitudes for my organisation. I want to know what good cyber literacy looks like, how to establish it and how to continually enhance it for a range of my cyber stakeholders.”

Captain Mutsinze completed the one-year Masters of Cyber Security Operations at UNSW Canberra fulltime.

“I experienced fewer distractions by setting an initial routine and sticking to it,” Captain Mutsinze said.

“I found that by doing my homework early helped me identify the resources I needed to inform my study. The most important thing and my biggest piece of advice is to be conscious of your family’s needs.”

Captain Mutsizne will join over 300 other students who will graduate from UNSW Canberra over the coming week.