Applications are now open for the new Displaced Scholars Peer Mentoring Program from UNSW's Kaldor Centre and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute at Lund University.

This pilot program will establish peer mentoring partnerships where scholars with a refugee or displacement background are partnered with other early-career scholars. 

If you are an early-career scholar who has experienced displacement, you can apply now for this program that aims to support your academic work in the field of refugee protection and forced migration studies. You do not have to have formal refugee status to apply.

If you are interested in supporting displaced scholars to achieve their research and professional goals, you can also apply now

Displaced scholars frequently face barriers in traditional academia due to financial constraints, interruption to education, or limitations imposed by legal status.

Through the program, displaced scholar ‘mentees’ meet virtually each month with their early-career scholar ‘mentor’. One-on-one support will be focused on individual professional goals, which may include publishing, developing networks, navigating academic environments, applying for funding and employment, and pursuing opportunities for research collaboration.

Displaced scholars participating in the program will also be invited to join a series of virtual roundtables with more experienced scholars in the field of refugee protection and forced migration studies, and will be supported by a ‘Resource Bank’ including information about current research-related opportunities and academic pathways.

The Displaced Scholars Peer Mentoring Program is supported by a Universitas21 Researcher Resilience Fund grant. It is part of the Kaldor Centre’s global, interdisciplinary Emerging Scholars Network, which involves more than 150 early-career scholars from institutions around the world. This peer mentoring program, like the Network, encourages global perspectives on problem-solving and fosters cross-cultural and interdisciplinary working practices.

You can apply now to be part of the Displaced Scholars Peer Mentoring Program.

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