CCRC's Prof. John Church is a co-author on a new Nature Communications publication. The study, just published on 12 Februray 2021, tackles the challenge of bridging the gap between past observations and future projections of sea level rise.

Not only do they investigate global mean sea level, but also regional sea level change, which is of utmost relevance for societies and decision-makers.

The results are encouraging and give us 90% confidence that sea level projections for the future are performing reasonably well. However, the study also points to various open questions for the longer-term late 21st century sea level projections.

The paper can be accessed for free here.



Wang, J., Church, J.A., Zhang, X. et al. Reconciling global mean and regional sea level change in projections and observations. Nat Commun 12, 990 (2021).

Photo credit: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (