UNSW Medicine and Health celebrated International Women’s Day this year with a panel event organised by MEDIC’s Gender Equity Working Group.

The live audience gathered in the Clancy Auditorium today to hear from an impressive group of women leaders who generously shared personal and professional anecdotes from their career journeys and navigating through the recent COVID-19 crisis. The discussion reflected this year’s UN theme of “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

The panel members included Professor Raina MacIntyre, Head of Biosecurity at the Kirby Institute, Kirsten Banks - astrophysicist, PhD student and proud Wiradjuri woman, Dr Melina Georgousakis Scientist and Founder of Franklin Women, Caroline Meyer Business Partner for Human Resources in the faculty and Professor Anne Kelso, CEO of NHMRC. It was a privilege to hear from such diverse and outstanding women leaders. Thanks to Professor Nalini Pather, our new MEDIC Chair, for the faculty welcome, Professor Lisa Keay, Head of the School of Optometry and Vision Science, for facilitating the discussion, Dr Mandy Hagstrom for her closing remarks, and the Gender Equity Working Group for their efforts in putting this event together.

UNSW Medicine and Health - International Women's Day 2021