I'm Dylan - a penultimate undergraduate studying Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering. I am passionate about intelligent and autonomous systems such as robotics and the internet of things.

At UNSW, I've led large scale student project teams such as CREATE, Vivid, and Competitive Robotics (MBZIRC). In addition to my research activities into IoT at Innovation Central Sydney (Cisco), and my Cadetship at Transport for NSW, I'm also a head demonstrator across numerous undergraduate/postgraduate courses.

I was recently named as one of Australia's Top 100 Future Leaders! I'm proud to be the only award recipient representing UNSW Computer Science and Engineering.

The Top 100 Future Leaders Competition is an awards program run by Seek and the Australian Financial Review. The title is competitive and awarded annually from thousands of applicants; it is significant as the award winners are selected from all disciplines across Australia.

The award is supported by the top graduate employers and is notable for its holistic assessments that reflect the full graduate recruitment process. Students initially submit their resume, written responses, and psychometric tests. Then, there was a one-way video interview, speech, and assessment centre, where they posed questions relevant to my technical interests, extracurricular experience, and professional attributes.

The speech I prepared for the IT awards sponsor, Coles, was especially enjoyable as I researched the role of digital technology and its effects on the fundamental human right to privacy, within their strategy. The prevalence of big data and associated security risks must not be forgotten as we continue to close the gap between digital technology and the customer experience across any computer science endeavour.

I'm delighted to receive this award as it reflects my future potential for leadership and recognises my current achievements. For me, it is not just about leading teams, but leading thought. I aspire to shape intelligent systems through practicing bold innovation, research, and development in my future workplaces. At Innovation Central Sydney and Transport for NSW, I have influenced cutting edge research projects in transport systems, by enabling smart taxi ranks and advancing efforts to enable GPS in Sydney road tunnels. At UNSW, I'm excited to lead both technical innovation and student experience through research projects and societies. As I aspire to become a future thought leader, my teaching further enables me to have a strong impact on the computer scientists and engineers of the future.

My experiences at UNSW have been nothing short of impactful even with under two years left of my degree. CSE coursework, extracurricular opportunities, and career support have advanced my technical and professional capabilities. Outside of the classroom, I've applied practical knowledge towards real world research and scenarios for the NSW Public Sector. At university, I've given back to the CSE community through student projects and teaching. Finally, I've demonstrated capabilities from my time at UNSW to win the Top 100 Future Leaders title.

As one of Australia's top future graduate talents, I'm excited to see what opportunities lie ahead as I near the end of my degree!