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To all the engineering students out there,

Remember taking a step out of your first class of your first year and nervously laughing and saying “Well, it can’t be harder than HSC right…?”

Well by now, your rose-coloured glasses are gone, students from above years would have told you that first year is the easiest to get the marks to boost your WAM and you may wonder “Am I really cut out for this?” Look in all honestly, engineering can be tough, although it is doable, and by the time you finish graduating all your work would be totally worth it.

Based on my experience, let me tell you You may end up making many friends and connections throughout your lifetime, however the ones that are going to have your back when it comes to successfully finishing your degree, are your STUDY BUDDIES!

These are 3 essential study buddies you need to successfully finish your degree:

  1. The organized one:

You know that one friend who you could always rely on to borrow a pencil or pen before the exam – I am talking about them. The friend that would continuously remind you when your exams and assignments are due and could even be your own personal timetable – only exclusive for university though.

  1. The social butterfly:

Whether they do well academically is another question, but this is the friend who drags you into so many extra-curricular opportunities; at university and outside, that your resume looks spectacular. While focusing on studies are important, personal development, making connections and growing your skill-set are valuable things to do during and after university.

  1. The optimistic one:

By know you may have realized that different students have different goals. Some may be genuinely happy with passing their subject, whereas others may be concerned with the high distinction mark they received. It is important that you set realistic expectations and remain positive which is important for your mental health and wellbeing. That is why you need that optimistic friend who is able to support you through your rocky roads, when you need that motivation and encouragement the most.

Would you put yourself into one or more of these 3 categories? But having these 3 friends/study buddies with you through your engineering degree is truly helpful.

And guess what?

A new study group has kicked off; the Women in ENG & Math - MATH1131 Study Group for T1 2021. The UNSW Women in Engineering programs are powered by female-identifying engineering students and is an amazing environment where you will be able to meet potentially life-long real friends and make so many invaluable connections. Good luck friends! 😊