The ‘Quit Smoking Study’ will test how well e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking, compared with nicotine lozenges or gum.

Researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), UNSW Sydney, are inviting people in Sydney who are receiving a government pension or allowance and who want to quit tobacco smoking, to participate in this trial. Everyone will receive one of two, chosen at random, smoking cessation aids and text-message support, at no cost.

Trial leader, Dr Ryan Courtney said, “Tobacco is still a leading cause of disease and early death in Australia, and quitting smoking is one of the best things that smokers can do to improve their current and future health.”

 “World No Tobacco Day is on May 31st, and the theme is ‘Commit to Quit’. This study is a unique opportunity for people who smoke in NSW, to receive some free support to quit smoking for good.”

E-cigarettes (also known as vapes) and oral nicotine replacement products both work by reducing cravings and other nicotine withdrawal symptoms that commonly occur when quitting smoking.

“Although not currently approved as a stop smoking medicine in Australia, e-cigarettes have shown promise in supporting people who smoke to quit, reducing urges to smoke and reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms,” said Dr Courtney.

Oral nicotine replacement products are available in Australian pharmacies and supermarkets, to all people wanting to quit smoking.

“Whilst the nicotine gum and lozenges have recently become available at a subsidised price through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for those with a healthcare card. This is a great opportunity for people who smoke to potentially access these products at no cost and get it delivered to their home,” said Dr Courtney.

The randomised control trial aims to better understand the effectiveness and safety of e-cigarettes compared to other nicotine replacement products.

People interested in participating in this study are kindly requested to visit the NDARC website for more information about the Quit Smoking Study, to view the participant information statement, and lodge their expression of interest via the online contact form.

Key points. Eligible participants:

  • Must be aged 18 or older, want to quit smoking and be available for three telephone interviews and two check-in calls over a seven-month period.
  • Receive a government pension or allowance.
  • Must live within 100 kilometres radius of central Sydney.
  • Willing to receive text message quit support and be randomly assigned to either FREE 8-week supply of:
    • Electronic cigarettes (pod and tank device) and e-liquid containing nicotine; OR
    • Nicotine gum or lozenges.
  • Both products will be delivered to the participant’s home at no cost. 

Please visit the NDARC website for more information about the Quit Smoking Study and to view the participant information statement.