Meet and hear from recent UNSW Engineering Graduates: Samuel Lee, Ashvittha Santhaseelan and Samir Mohammad Mustavi.


Samuel Lee 

Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering / Masters of Biomedical Engineering 

Samuel Lee

UNSW holds a special memory for me - it was here, I met my current partner of nearly 4 years, I met a band of brothers (and a woman) five years ago. UNSW Engineering is the best place to be - everyone has been so generous and open to helping me throughout my degree, from friends to the strangers in Ainsworth, whose natural curiosity and determination to solve problems has only led them to come up randomly and offering a helping hand. I truly am grateful for my time at UNSW, for the friendships and relationships. 


Ashvittha Santhaseelan

Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Bachelor of Environmental Engineering

Ashvittha Santhaseelan

Being a part of multiple societies throughout my time at UNSW really shaped who I am today, I met friends and collages that I have formed strong bonds with and I really wish them all the best in their future endeavours.







Samir Mohammad Mustavi

Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering / Bachelor of Science

My best memory of UNSW Engineering was easily the time when I decided to become an official peer mentor for EngSoc in my final year, because it gave me the opportunity to reflect on all the highlights of my time in UNSW, particularly the incredible academic staff and resources, the welcoming social culture of students, the limitless opportunities for professional growth and development, and the myriad of life-long friendships I have developed over the past 5 years. These, as well as my lowlights, were something I was proud to share to my fellow first year students in the hopes that it would inspire them to find their passions, challenge their skills and develop into emerging technical leaders, as I one day hope to be. Thank you to the Faculty of Engineering for helping me grow my confidence and ability to one day make an impact.

Samir Mohammad Mustavi

These stories were collected by

Stephanie Kumar,

UNSW Engineering Student, Mechatronic Engineering Hons / Biomedical Engineering Masters