The ACA is pleased to announce publication of a new Elsevier book on Mars called “Mars Geological Enigmas. The seventeen chapters of the book addresses particularly beguiling and long-standing questions about Mars’s geological history from diverging and converging perspectives. Some of the keynote subjects are:

  • What sourced the enormous flows and volumes that formed the outflow channels and highland-margin contacts of ancient Mars?
  • Can impact craters be used to derive reliable surface ages on Mars?
  • Is there a biogenic source of the atmospheric methane on Mars?
  • Does water flow on Martian slopes or at/near the surface today?
  • The Atacama Desert, the Antarctic or the Pilbara; are any or all of these possible Earth analogues relevant to the study of Mars?
The book includes a summary chapter by ACA Director M. Van Kranendonk and other ACA members and international colleagues that summarises the diverse environments and habitats of early life found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and the analogous sites on Mars.
For more information and a discount on ordering the book, please see here