AGSM @ UNSW Business School is once again calling for applications for the Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award.

Launched in 2012, the Anita Prabhu Award is presented each year to a female AGSM MBA student or alumna who has demonstrated entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and business acumen.
Last year's winner, Lena Lee (AGSM MBA 2020 alumna), is a health science leader and Senior Brand Manager at Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Australia. 

She talked with AGSM @ UNSW Business School about what winning the 2020 prize meant to her, why others should apply and how awards like the Anita Prabhu Award that celebrate female business leaders are vital.

You can apply for the Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award here.

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What did receiving the 2020 AGSM Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award mean to you? 

I was honoured and humbled to receive the 2020 AGSM Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award. 

For me, it was a big nod; a welcome acknowledgement of my passion for and contribution to supporting women and marketers in the early stages of their careers. It was an affirmation of my belief in supporting women to adopt an entrepreneurial and growth mindset, as well as promoting the need and benefits of this. 

I applied for the award because this was a way for me to document and take pride in my achievements and contributions to date. I also felt that applying would help reinforce my commitment to pay it forward, reminding me of my impact so far on the business community. 

Up till then, this commitment took place within my current workplace, MSD, as well as the UNSW Co-Op internship program

Why should AGSM current students and alumni apply for the Anita Prabhu prize? 

AGSM current students and alumni should seize the opportunity to apply for this prize. It is an excellent opportunity to evaluate how you have progressed through your career, including your key milestones and achievements. 

Going through this application process could help increase your self-confidence and bring to your attention to areas of strength, growth, and development. It's also a way for you to celebrate and recognise women in business. So go for it! 

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Why is it important that awards like this celebrate and recognise female business leaders? 

Although the representation of women in business has progressed in Australia, women in leadership and senior management roles are still underrepresented. Awards like this provide an important and exciting platform to honour and celebrate outstanding, successful, and innovative women in business and industry. 

This award helps inspire and support women in business – those aspiring to and continuing within a leadership role who can shape the strategy and culture of organisations, as well as those who are empowering other women to amongst the next generation of leaders in the workplace.  

How has the AGSM MBA enabled you to demonstrate strategic leadership within your role? 

My AGSM MBA journey has been highly fulfilling and rewarding, helping me to build on my strategic leadership skills. 

I have been able to apply the various practical and essential business frameworks gained through my coursework within my current role. This is in addition to the learnings gained from leadership roles I played in my MBA assignments, and having to constantly collaborate in a dynamic, tech-driven environment – for example, when learning in full virtual mode during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How have your leadership skills developed since completing your AGSM MBA? 

I feel even more confident, equipped, and empowered since completing my MBA. I can draw on my strengths, experiences, leaning in on the strategic network I have built and leadership skills to lead and fully optimise the opportunities available within a fast-evolving business landscape.


The 2021 Award recipient will receive a $1,500 cash prize and will be recognised at the UNSW Business School annual awards ceremony held in 2021.

The Applications for the 2021 Award are now open. Apply for the AGSM Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award here.

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