Meet Dr. Kai Wong and Dr. Boge Liu, two Computer Science PhD candidates and lifelong friends, who graduated earlier this year.

Kai Wong PHD - Computer Science

How did you meet Boge? 

Boge and I enrolled together in 2016 at the same research group (Data and Knowledge Research Group led by UNSW Scientia Prof. Xuemin Lin). We became friends because we had similar experiences and worked on similar topics. We have many amazing memories together of discussing research problems, playing online games, and doing outdoor stuff. 

Why did you choose UNSW? 

The most important reason as to why I chose UNSW to pursue my doctoral degree is that there are lot of kind people at UNSW, especially in my research group which attracted me to join. They taught me important characteristics of being a good person and a good researcher - curiosity, passion, diligence, commitment, and earnestness. I’ll always feel grateful that UNSW offered me an invaluable chance to start my research career. Although getting a Ph.D. degree isn’t easy, UNSW not only helped me in my daily life but also provided me emotional support to help me go through difficult times. 

What was your experience getting a PhD? 

Getting a PhD is a tough and can be a very lonely journey, but my time in UNSW has truly lightened up my busy life. Sometimes even small talk with teaching staff or hanging out in the university quads was a refreshing moment for me. 

Boge Liu PHD - Computer Science

How did you meet Kai and become friends? 

Kai is my colleague at the same group and we enrolled at the same time. We had many common interests and developed a good friendship. 

Why did you choose UNSW? 

I chose UNSW by chance. My supervisor came to me in my final undergraduate year and said – ‘Hey, I believe you’d be a great researcher', so I followed my supervisor to UNSW. Later, I found that this was definitely a wise choice for myself. I met so many interesting people and love living in Australia. 

The most memorable moment at UNSW? 

The most memorable moment during my PhD was when my first paper was accepted. It was rejected twice before being accepted. You won't believe how thrilled I felt. The acceptance of my paper strengthens my will to never give up, which is also one of the most important lessons I’ve learned at UNSW. I am so thankful that I can attend my ceremony and celebrate it with my supervisor and best friends. 

These stories were collected by: 
Rosanna Liu, 
UNSW Engineering Student, Fourth Year Computer Science/Civil Engineering