A Ph.D. position is open at the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, on the topic of extreme wind gusts, especially those connected to thunderstorms. These gusts can do significant damage, and are involved in interesting scientific puzzles. The student will use observations and model calculations to better understand the history, causes, and consequences of extreme wind gusts and how they will be affected by climate change. The Australian-Research-Council-funded project will include engaging with stakeholders who are affected by high winds, through the NSW State Government, and in association with the Bureau of Meteorology, giving the student experience with both theory and practical applications. The UNSW project supervisors will be Profs. Steven Sherwood and Jason Evans.


The ideal applicant will have an undergraduate degree in physics, mathematics, meteorology, engineering or another relevant discipline, and will have a strong academic background and/or relevant work experience. Deadline for applications is 26 August.


For more information contact:

Prof. Steven Sherwood