CCRC's David Hutchinson was just awarded a DECRA fellowship by the Australian Research Council! Congrats David!

David completed his PhD in CCRC, then moved to Europe, and then came back to CCRC as a postdoc. This is great news for the CCRC!

David will be working on the paleoclimate of the Antarctic ice sheet, and the ocean / ice sheet interactions. You can read more on the ARC website:

"The evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet, from its beginning 34 million years ago (Ma) until today, is critical to our understanding of future climate change. This project aims to improve climate and ocean model simulations of the early Oligocene (30 Ma) and middle Miocene (15 Ma), using higher resolution and more accurate paleogeography than has previously been done. Expected outcomes include improvements to paleoclimate reconstructions, better constraints on future climate change, and a better understanding of the impact of ocean eddies on Antarctic climate. These outcomes should strengthen Australia’s long-term program of climate modelling, and enable more effective climate adaptation, mitigation and risk management."