Associate Professor Joshi, a global health and health systems researcher, brings to the School a breadth of experience in developing low-cost healthcare models to deliver comprehensive primary health care and improving health information systems in low- and middle-income countries.

“We are excited to have someone with the outstanding experience in research and teaching in global health that Associate Professor Joshi brings – a fitting choice for the inaugural appointment to this role,” said Professor Rebecca Ivers, Head of UNSW School of Population Health. 

UNSW’s leadership in public health teaching in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, attracted Associate Professor Joshi to the School of Population Health. 

“The School of Population Health is in a unique position to provide global health training with campuses in India and China and collaborations in the Pacific and African continent,” said Associate Professor Joshi.  

“I am looking forward to building on my 19 years of research and teaching experience to help train the next generation of global health researchers and grow the global health program at the School,” she said.

We are in a unique moment in global health history and need to use this opportunity to work together with colleagues across the globe, reflects Associate Professor Joshi on the importance of a global health focus. 

“We are in the midst of a once in a hundred-year pandemic where global health (and lack of action) is taking centre stage,” said Associate Professor Joshi. 

“The realisation that health is a key element in sustainable economic development, human rights promotion, and effective governance must underpin global action,” she said.  

Working in medicine and public health in India is what led Associate Professor Joshi to work in global health so she could have a positive impact.  

“I grew up in India and have seen inequity in access to health care and the impact of socio-economic determinants and gender bias on people’s lives, “she said. “Translating research into policy, and policy into practice particularly has motivated my research program to-date.” 

The goal of global health is to achieve equity in healthcare and achieve health as a basic human right through prevention, promotion, management, palliation, and rehabilitation, says Associate Professor Joshi. 

“My new role with UNSW is an enormous opportunity to work with colleagues to tackle the inequities in global health highlighted by COVID-19 such as issues around health workforce availability, access to health care and vaccines ,” said Associate Professor Joshi. “A focus on global health is needed now more than ever before. I am excited to be able to contribute through the School.” 

Associate Professor Joshi was awarded the Sax Institute Research Action Award for improving the quality of death certificates for home deaths in the Philippines in 2020. She is a technical advisor for the Bloomberg Philanthropies funded Data for Health Initiative, Co-Chair of the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease working group on Scale up of CVD interventions and technical advisor for the Mortality in India established through verbal autopsy (MINErVA, India). 

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