Together, we co-designed learning experiences that aligned with SIRA’s organisational objectives, supporting the participants and the organisation to address specific challenges and realise value-based care opportunities.

As accredited series of short courses comprising evidence-based research, contemporary concepts, practical tools and engaging techniques, participants within SIRA have commenced to apply their learnings back in the workplace to make a difference. 

Additionally, participants now have an opportunity to carve their learning pathway towards postgraduate studies within the UNSW Faculty Medicine and Health through optional assessments.

How participants ranked the program

“The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) recently partnered with the UNSW School of Population Health to deliver a pilot program on Value Based Health Care (VBHC) principles.

The program introduced the concepts underpinning VBHC to support SIRA’s personal injury schemes and aim to equip the participants with the tools to deliver what consumers value in health care, whilst improving outcomes and maximising efficiencies.

The outcomes from the sessions were extremely positive, and this would not have been achieved without the support from the participants and their engagement during the workshops. SIRA thanks UNSW and looks forward to building this capability further across the organisation”.

What participants said and how they ranked the program

“Great introduction to the subject"

Pictured: SIRA participants of the pilot program with Huong Le-Dao (from row, 4th from left) and Ramesh Walpola (front row, 4th from right) from the School who delivered the program

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UNSW School of Population Health