UNSW Business School will host the prestigious 14th International Tax Administration Conference on the 23 and 24 November 2021 in Sydney, NSW.

Bringing together leading tax administrators, academics, and practitioners from around the globe, the conference will hear from leading administrators, professionals and thought leaders presenting in a mix of online and in-person on the event theme: 'New Frontiers in Tax Administration'. 

With insights being showcased from across the world, the event will be an opportunity for those in the business of taxation to discuss current and future global taxation trends, technological advances in taxation, and how these have changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and related stimulus packages. 

Chris Jordan, Commissioner of Taxation at the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
Chris Jordan, Commissioner of Taxation at the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

"The way the world does business is changing rapidly,” says Chris Jordan, Commissioner of Taxation at the Australian Tax Office (ATO), and one of the headline speakers. “That means traditional tax administration systems need to evolve to stay ahead of the game.” 

“[The 14th International Tax Administration Conference] is a great way for us to share thoughts on what is required for the future.” Naomi Ferguson, Commissioner and Chief Executive of the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department, and fellow conference speaker says: 

“Conferences such as this provide a collaborative platform to talk about and reflect on the important issues, we as a tax community share,” she says. “Here in New Zealand, Inland Revenue continues to play a significant role in our government’s pandemic response.” 

“Through transforming the way we do things over the last few years, we have quickly been able to respond and implement COVID support initiatives, along with our partners across the public service.”  

Practitioners, administrators, and academics are encouraged to attend and can register here.


  • ‘Challenges and Opportunities for a New Decade in Tax Administration’, Chris Jordan AO, Commissioner of Taxation, Australia.   
  • ‘New Frontiers – A New Zealand Perspective’, Naomi Ferguson, Commissioner and CEO of Inland Revenue.
  • ‘Up Hardship Creek Without a Paddle? Quantifying the Nation-wide Unmet Need for Tax Advice’, Ann Kayis-Kumar, Michael Walpole, Jack Noone, Youngdeok Lim & Gordon Mackenzie OAM. 
  • ‘Increased Public Scrutiny to the Rescue? A Study of the Responses to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance’, Rodney Brown.
  • ‘Tax Officer 2030: Robo Homo Sapiens’, Duncan Bentley.
  • ‘Insights from the Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman on SME Compliance (with 10mins Q&A)’, Karen Payne, Inspector-General of Taxation, Australia.
  • ‘The Role of Transparency in Large Market Tax Compliance’, Rebecca Saint, Deputy Commissioner, ATO.
  • ‘Taxpayer Advocates – Role in Dispute Resolution and Systemic Change’, Nina Olson, Director Center for Taxpayer Rights.
  • ‘Digital Disruption and Tax Administration Reform in the Digital Economy’, Jennie Granger, Denny Vissaro.

Find the full list of speakers, agenda, and speech times here.

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