As the 40 Years of Impact Report demonstrates, the KLC experience has had a profound impact on our students – stimulating their thinking about the role of law in civil society and opening up pathways and opportunities that many have followed into their professional careers. In this way, KLC has not only played a substantial role in shaping the values of the UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice but has been integral to influencing the profession more broadly.

KLC is a truly collaborative project that succeeds because of the goodwill from its friends and community. There are too many people who have played pivotal roles in the success of KLC to name here, so I will simply provide a heart-felt thank you to all of our champions. From the 1981 originals who fought hard for the creation of the Centre, and to all of those who have sustained that initial vision through their help and belief in the Centre in the 40 years since – whether as clients, students, volunteers, staff, funders, community partners, university colleagues and pro bono partners. All have played a part – and so we invite you to pause on this important anniversary to appreciate and celebrate the enormity of what has been achieved, while also looking forward with you to many more years of success and impact from KLC. 

Professor Andrew Lynch, Dean, UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice

The full Report is here.