Dr Hassan Habibi Gharakheili and his research team from the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications founded a UNSW spinout, CyAmast, in 2020, to productise and commercialise their unique method for protecting connected IoT devices from cyber-attacks at the network level.

CyAmast raised $1.3 million from IP Group. CyAmast software employs a method differentiated from traditional cybersecurity solutions to automatically analyse network traffic (encrypted and/or unencrypted) at scale and generate a formal model of network behaviour of unmanaged connected devices. CyAmast technology leverages the new advances in Programmable Networking (PN), Machine Learning (ML) and pattern recognition to define a “benign behavioural fingerprint” for each connected device, contextualised to its deployed environment. This allows for a solution that automatically acts in real-time to enforce policies as a response to unexpected behaviour on the network, including unusual communication flows and their temporal activity at multiple timescales.