Dr Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson joins Computer Science and Engineering as Senior Lecturer in Epistemics. He is passionate about his students and devoted to teaching. Sebastian did his DPhil in logic at Balliol College and the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. His research interests include all things epistemic, as well as ethics of information and technology. If you are still curious, you can visit his website.

Commenting on these appointments, our Deputy Dean for Education in Engineering noted that, “Education Focussed roles have been a key strategic initiative at UNSW and recognises that excellence in education and research are equally important at the University. CSE has been a leader in education at UNSW and internationally with many outstanding educators and innovations in education and teaching.”

Professor Pagnucco added, “It’s great to see the arrival of Dr Sequoiah-Grayson, who is an outstanding educator. He brings expertise from outside traditional engineering that is very welcome and will be a great asset to the School and Faculty. We will be looking to learn from his experiences.”

 Adding to this, Professor Merlin Crossley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Life said, “I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Dr Sebastian Sequoia-Grayson to UNSW. He comes with excellent credentials, is an acclaimed teacher who really cares about student learning and is a perfect fit for such a strong and growing School. We recruit some of the world’s finest students into the School, we have some of the best teachers and researchers, and it’s great to see us continuing to recruit demonstrably stellar academics.”

Michael joins us as an Associate Lecturer on Jan 24th. Michael has been with UNSW since 2013. He received his BSc (Hons) in Computer Science here in 2017 and is completing his Ph.D. under the Data and Knowledge Research Group.

His research interests encompass topics that study large-scale graph data management and mining: the effective organization of data and efficient data processing.   

He takes on his first teaching-emphasis position as an associate lecturer. He is grateful for the opportunity and eagerly anticipates many student engagements to promote a successful learning experience. Lastly, he looks forward to working alongside the teaching community and staff of CSE and humbly welcomes any guidance towards fulfilling a role. 

Professor Aaron Quigley, CSE head of school, said ” I’m delighted to have Michael and Sebastian join us for a host of reasons. From the expansion of the world leading Data and Knowledge Research Group, to the advancement of knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering and Epistemics. These appointments allow us to advance not only our teaching but our thought leadership in next generation research led teaching and interdisciplinary scholarship.”