AGSM @ UNSW Business School has entered into a contractual arrangement with Woodside Energy for the co-design and delivery of a whole-of-enterprise leadership development program to enable transformation of the organisation.

Over the next three years, AGSM will deliver a custom-designed leadership program to Woodside’s 3,000+ employee workforce.

Entitled Navigator, the leadership program will provide capability development and enablement through workshops, multi-day immersions, experiential learning and single and small group coaching. This consistent approach across the whole of the company will equip both the individual and the organisation to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The core program curriculum focuses on responsible, sustainable, and ethical leadership and will be delivered in several, integrated learning modes.

Navigator will be delivered via hubs at Woodside’s headquarters in Western Australia, in cities nationally as well as overseas, and was launched in November 2021.

“We are very excited to be working on Woodside Energy’s first whole-of-enterprise, integrated suite of programs,” said Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean (External Engagement) and Director AGSM. “This contractual arrangement represents a fantastic opportunity to help develop leaders in a manner that greatly benefits Australia and the wider world community.”

Since 2018 the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) has delivered six programs to Woodside Energy’s leaders and cohorts across Western Australia and Singapore.

“AGSM has a talented pool of faculty, academic researchers, staff and thought leaders at its fingertips,” said Wailes. “This experience directly translates into customisable short courses that transform organisational behaviour and deliver on broader strategic objectives.”

Leadership Development Program

The bespoke leadership program will foster the latest in leadership and responsible management at Woodside. Upon successful completion of program modules, learners acquire a digital micro-credential awarded by AGSM. These credentials make it easier for the organisation to identify people and teams with specific skills and can also be used toward an AGSM Graduate Certificate or MBA program.

“It is more important now than ever that the companies of today seek to prepare leaders for the challenges of tomorrow,” said Wailes. “This co-design process will enable the team to access learnings from AGSM’s global academic and industry connections and apply them to the everyday successes and challenges that face the company.”

Navigator will use a multi-tiered approach to immerse individual groups in developing fundamental skills, as well as relevant key leadership attributes. These include Emotional Intelligence (EQ), ethical leadership, and disruption of organisational culture. Each of these tiers will be sponsored by individual senior leaders, ensuring a holistic and committed approach by Woodside to genuine adaptive leadership across the entire organisation.

This model of experiential blended learning will enable Woodside to tap into AGSM’s global network of academics and international thinking, with employees walking away with a renewed sense of innovative leadership and responsible management.

Woodside’s VP of People and Global Capability, Jacky Connolly said, “Navigator is an investment in our people that will equip Woodside with the skills for all that lies ahead, while building the trust, transparency and courage to underpin a stronger, more capable and enabled organisation.”

“Being a leader at Woodside is not limited to a job title or reporting line, so every Woodsider will have access to Navigator within the next three years. The program enables us to be more deliberate in how we grow our people for the future of this organisation.”

About AGSM Executive Education

AGSM @ UNSW Business School was established 45 years ago to elevate the quality of leadership in Australia. While our mission remains the same, the world in which we live is changing rapidly and is increasingly complex. Our primary purpose is to enhance the people capability of organisations, and encourage good leadership that delivers better business outcomes and a better global community.

With access to global thought leaders, researchers, and facilitators our customised leadership programs provide organisations with access to a wealth of industry and academic knowledge from around the globe. Delivered by experienced facilitators and notable thought leaders, the courses guide participants to disrupt established patterns of behaviour, cultivate self-efficacy, and draw upon research informed best practice.