Bolstering cybersecurity is becoming ever more important as nation states wage war in new and complex arenas.

That is the view of two UNSW academics, Professor Sanjay Jha and Professor Salil Kanhere, in the wake of a wave of online attacks linked to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

As well as the use of tanks and bombs and soldiers on the battlefield, countries are now also waging war in cyberspace in order to weaken their enemies, most notably by targeting crucial infrastructure such as power and communications systems.

“Cyber warfare has become a tool by nation states to attack other countries,” says Professor Sanjay Jha, deputy director of the UNSW Institute for Cybersecurity (IFCYBER).

“In the modern digital world, by attacking a computer server in the network of some critical piece of infrastructure, you can potentially take down an entire power system and with that, you could paralyse large parts of the economy."

Excerpt from article by Neil Martin, read the full article here