I can still remember just landing in Sydney on 29 August 2018 as if it was yesterday. I thought I was content with myself, but it was a façade. The realisation hit me hard as I found myself questioning about my own identity while having to deal with the feeling of loneliness coupled with trying to adapt to life in Sydney.

However, skip forward to 2021, I was finally out in public and had made some great friends along the way. Also, I had learnt through my CEUS and WIE friends (but who really knows?) of the plan to revive the old society - Engiqueers as a new society - Queer Student in STEM (QSIS)  and I knew that this was my chance to be involved in a society that matched my interests.

As a new society, we decided that it was important to spread awareness about QSIS. We planned two events in February this year, one was an O-Week stall, and the other was a morning tea & games. The O-Week stall went well despite the rain on the first day and a lot of people were interested in joining up with QSIS.

For the next social event, which we held at the Chancellor Garden, I was excited to see the turnout given the promising start at O-Week. And I wasn’t disappointed. The venue quickly filled up with students in only 5-10 minutes. Despite the fact I was still setting up the lawn games and other execs were preparing the BBQ to make some (yummy!) pancakes, students were quick to break the ice with each other and started talking to each other while waiting for us to set up. All in all, I am happy to see other queer people having the opportunity and space to interact with each other, something that I didn’t experience in my first year in uni.

Reflecting on my current experience an executive of QSIS, I learnt how to plan an event and am more confident in my daily life. Most important of all, I don’t feel as lonely as I used to be. Life is indeed more enjoyable with friends to back you up! I am keen to see where QSIS will go in the next year.

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