Name: Matilda McDonell

Nickname: Tilly

Studying: Bachelor of Psychological Science / Bachelor of Laws

What's your favourite biscuit in an Arnott's family pack? Kingston

What Summer Olympic Sport would you like to participate in? Volleyball

What Winter Olympic Sport would you like to participate in? Curling

Nintendo, Playstation or Wii? Nintendo

What was the most common theme on your report card in school? Talks too much

Sleep in or win the morning? Sleep in

What super power would like to have? Heal people with food

Favourite reality show to binge? Survivor

If netball added an eight position, what it would be and where could they go? ED, extra defence. An extra defender to float and pick up ball.

What's your go to character/icon in Monopoly? The shoe

What's something you have an obsession with? Dumplings

What's your speciality genre in trivia? Spelling

Favourite podcast series? Anything true crime

Best prize you've ever won in a lucky dip? A book

What's your spirit animal? Tigger

Favourite ice cream flavour? Cookies and chocolate

Which emoji is currently first in your most frequently used? ?

First piece of sporting merchandise you ever got? Orange rubber netball

What's the most annoying autocorrect that always gets you? You’re, your etc.

What was the first CD you bought/received? Fresh Hits 2010

If you had a membership named after you, what would it be called and what would be the entitlements? Tilly’s turbos >> dance class & book club with me

What language would you like to learn? Chinese

Rate yourself out of 10 on your reverse parallel parking skills? 3.7

What musical instrument did you play when you were in school? Recorder

What's something you admit you've paid way too much for? Uber eats

Tilly McDonell defending Sam Wallace in the Suncorp Super Netball

Tilly McDonell in action for the Giants against the NSW Swifts. Photo: Supplied