It seems recently that each Annual Report presents an opportunity to describe the year as ‘unprecedented’, ‘exceptional’, ‘challenging’ or just ‘really, really hard’. 2021 was definitely a year like no other and not how we could ever have imagined our fortieth birthday. Once again, the pandemic impacted on almost every part of our work and sent us back to delivering our legal services and clinical programs from home for the second half of the year. There were lots of highlights to the year – in Term 1 we welcomed back students to the Centre and were able to return to more normal service delivery, including the return of our community legal education on sexual harassment delivered by our students to high school students. We continued our focus on the Government’s response to sexual harassment and continued to amplify the experience of our clients in arguing for systemic change. 2021 was another year in which we continued to say #timesup for sexual harassment.

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