Neuroscience & Non-Communicable Diseases Seminar Series

Speaker: Charmaine O’Brien, Manager Professional Development Knowledge Exchange, UNSW

“All academics should learn about entrepreneurship …as a modern academic needs to be entrepreneurial to maintain a funded research program”. UNSW Scientia Professor Justin Gooding

There is increasing demand on modern academics to be more innovative with their research to increase its social and economic impact and attract more diverse sources of funding through commercialisation. However, operating through an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ can be at odds with the skills and demands of being a successful researcher. While academics might be willing to rise to the challenge to “be entrepreneurial” they might not know how to.

UNSW Knowledge Exchange is part of the Division of Research & Enterprise. Knowledge Exchange works with UNSW researchers to develop partnerships and collaborations with industry, government and community to improve the impact of their research. Knowledge Exchange (KE) also offers a range of professional development programs specifically designed to support UNSW researchers develop skills to meet the demands of becoming an innovative academic.

Charmaine O’Brien is the Manager Professional Development Knowledge Exchange. In this presentation she will talk through the KE professional development program and how these help researchers build capabilities towards being more innovative, or entrepreneurial, with their work. There will also be an informal discussion to emerge further understanding of the needs of UNSW researchers in respect to skill development in this area.

Enquiries: Lindsay Wu