At the end of his month-long residency at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture, Bruce Mau met up with Vince Frost of Frost Collective and recorded an episode of Design Your Life Podcast where they discuss life-centred design, innovation and accelerating change.

In this hour-long episode, you’ll learn more about what role design has in creating a successful and liveable world for future generation discussed by two world-renowned designers.

You’ll also hear about Bruce’s life-long work contributing to projects that build a better world such as designing a sustainability platform for Coca Cola, a social movement platform for Guatemala, and an institute for entrepreneurial designers. 

Bruce Mau is the Co-founder alongside his life partner Bisi Williams and CEO of Massive Change Network, an organisation dedicated to working with leaders to envision an abundant future and accelerate massive, sustainable change and positive impact for organisations and the planet.

Mau and Williams spent September, 2022 working on Massive Action Sydney, a collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture, which aimed to translate Mau’s Massive Change Principles into tangible and achievable actions across the key themes of power, health and climate. 

Massive Action Sydney will set the stage for a continued collaboration under the Massive Action project banner, which is being established as a multi-partner collaboration across a number of major cities around the world. UNSW Sydney is the pioneering Australian partner for this exciting initiative.

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