A recent UNSW Newsroom article, Ocean warming and sea-level rise are on a fast track, features the research of School of Mathematics and Statistics Associate Professor Jan Zika and colleagues.

The study’s team comprises researchers from the ARC Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science (ACEAS), and leading institutions in China, France, USA and the UK.

Associate Professor Zika is a Chief Investigator with ACEAS, a consortium of eight Australian universities and several partner organisations including CSIRO. 

The article references their study, Past and future ocean warming, recently published in Nature Reviews. It spotlights ocean warming levels since the 1950s, and predictions for the coming years which foreshadow extensive impacts that pose grave risks to marine ecosystems and society. 

“The oceans provide the key to understanding both our past and our future,” said A/Prof Zika. "To understand how fast the Earth’s climate is changing, we must look to the oceans and track ocean heat content change".

Jan Zika