Congratulations to Christine Ha for being awarded the Faculty of Engineering Students’ Choice Teaching Award for excellent and in their teaching and inspiring the next generation of engineers as nominated by UNSW Engineering students. It was one of two awards given out.

While Christine is a Civil Engineering and Commerce student, she teaches in the School of Computer Science Engineering as a demonstrator and tutor for the courses COMP1811.

Check out what her students had to say about

Christine’s student –spoke highly of her teaching methodology, which had an impact on their personal approach to work and gave them a potential career path.
“she helped me strengthen and transform my problem-solving approach… Consequently, my bosses have complimented my attention to detail!”
“I would not hesitate to explore a career in programming/coding as a second option. And that’s huge – she essentially helped me recognise another potential career path which I would be keen on pursuing.”

What motivates you in your teaching?

Being a student myself, I understand the challenges associated with university. What motivates me in my teaching is being able to help my peers understand course content faster and study more efficiently so that instead of spending hours studying, they can use that time to focus more valuably other aspects of university life, like making friends or developing professionally. University isn’t just about the academics and I hope that through my teaching, I can influence my students to become well-rounded individuals who leave university not only with a degree, but also with a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

What is your approach in your teaching?

My approach to teaching is for students to gain a lot of value for their time in class. This means not just completing course material, but also providing resources to help them study more efficiently and teaching practical skills that they can apply beyond the course. I also see tutoring as an opportunity to mentor other students and help them gain confidence in themselves. Being quite involved in university life, I like to provide students with my advice and perspective on career, academics, socials, and how to balance all of the above.