A presentation about groundwater which focused on its cultural significance to Aboriginal people in Walgett has won “Best Digital Poster” at the Australasian Groundwater Conference in Perth.

The poster is by Quanyi Ye, a master's student in the school of Civil and Environmental Engineering who has been working with long-term Yuwaya Ngarra-li collaborator Associate Professor Martin Andersen and the Dharriwaa Elders Group on a project to look at the relationship between different water sources near Walgett.

Quanyi’s poster presentation on her Masters project ‘The role of groundwater for culturally significant surface water bodies: A case study from Walgett NSW, Australia” included a short film focusing on the experience of working with the DEG in Walgett.

Quanyi says:

Attending the 2022 Australasian Groundwater conference (AGC) in Perth was a great opportunity for me to learn from groundwater experts and working professionals around Australia and beyond. Especially enlightening was the presentations by Indigenous water scientist, Associate Professor Bradley Moggridge and other Indigenous research projects which provided me with valuable information on First Nations water science.   
I was very fortunate to receive the ‘Best Poster Award’ at AGC 2022. I’d like to extend a huge thanks to my supervisors Associate Prof. Martin Andersen, Dr Helen Rutlidge, and our collaborators Wendy Spencer, Clem Dodd, Bow Simpson, Virginia Robinson and all Elders from Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) for their trust and support to let us present at AGC 2022. And finally, thanks to Ruth McCausland, Pauline Futeran and Isabella (Yssy) Burton-Clark for their support with the poster video.