Tell us about Research Imaging NSW 

Research Imaging NSW (RINSW) provides basic, translational, and clinical researchers with access to top-of-the line imaging scanners and technology through a team of experienced facility staff who is dedicated to excellence in imaging service, research, and outcomes.

RINSW also performs imaging studies for clinical trials including studies that require admission of contrast agents. Our exam rooms are equipped with medical gases and general anaesthesia can be organised on special request.

Research at RINSW covers a wide range of applications. Some key areas of ongoing research are mental illnesses, ageing and delirium/dementia, neurocognitive function, focal epilepsy, stroke, cystic fibrosis, blood disorders, oncology and cancer predisposition syndromes.

How might the facility be used for age related research?

Changes in the brain that primarily relate to the ageing process are important in a society that is getting older. Several studies at RINSW focus on age-related brain changes over time, for example studying brain development and changes in individuals living with dementia or delirium, or looking at the impact of exercise and high impact sports on the ageing brain. We hope such studies produce findings that will lead to the development of cutting-edge interventions and treatments for such conditions.

Who can access the facility?

Any researcher, clinician or industry partner can access the facility and our resources. We require ethics approval and the signed consent of the study participant for human imaging services. Our multi-disciplinary team is happy to provide scientific consultations and support at any stage of a research project, starting with planning ethics applications and the imaging approach and ending with data analysis and interpretation if needed. 

If I want to access the facility for my research or find out more about the fees who should I contact?

For general inquires, please send an email to or contact us via our webpage at

Our fee structure and other helpful information is posted on our webpage at

If you would like to discuss your budget, please contact the Director of the Imaging Facility at