Congratulations to Dr Tanapon Lilasathapornkit - who was presented the 2023 ITEANZ - SIDRA SOLUTIONS Postgraduate award by Mark Besley (Sidra Solutions) at the ITEANZ awards ceremony during their annual breakfast in Melbourne, 23 March 2023. This award is for outstanding, high-quality research and future contribution to the Transport Engineers profession  

Each year ITEANZ presents the SIDRA SOLUTIONS Postgraduate Award to the most outstanding postgraduate student from a tertiary institution in Australia or New Zealand, based on the quality of his or her research and potential to make a significant contribution to the traffic and transport engineering profession.

Tanapon’s PhD thesis, "Network Modeling for Walking Infrastructure: Developing Pedestrian Traffic Assignment Methodologies for Large-Scale Footpath Networks", focused on exploring network-wide pedestrian bidirectional dynamics, developing frameworks for static and dynamic pedestrian network traffic assignment models, and estimating an empirical pedestrian route choice model using revealed preference data.

The static model, user equilibrium traffic assignment problem (UE-pTAP), enables transport engineers and urban planners to understand the network-wide impact of pedestrians in the urban context for long-term strategic planning applications. The dynamic model, dynamic pedestrian network traffic assignment (DPTA), enables transport engineers to simulate planned interruptions, such as signal control. The DPTA can also replicate unplanned disruptions, for example, capacity reduction due to incidents with essential pedestrian dynamic properties and the propagation of shockwaves on a large scale.

These works have been published in the Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, a Q1 high-quality scholarly journal in transportation systems and emerging technologies.

Tanapon commented that by receiving this award, it was “ truly an honour and a testament to me and my supervisor’s contribution and dedication to pedestrian modelling over the past four years.”

This award from ITEANZ is kindly sponsored by SIDRA Solutions.

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