Kevin, who was recently recognised as one of the Top 25 #Impact CEOs globally in the 2023 MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking, shares in our video with him what motivated him to apply for the Co-op Program, his Co-op and career journey and advice to new and incoming scholars.

We’re so excited to have Arowana come on board as a new 2023 Co-op sponsor in Business Information System.

Background to Arowana

Arowana is an award-winning B corporation with operating enterprises in education, renewable solar energy, critical power services, asset management and venture capital, as well as other investments.

Celebrating 15 years of successful operation in 2023, Arowana has evolved into a unique global enterprise that directly owns and operates listed and unlisted enterprises, as well as having investments in specific sectors around the world. Today, we have offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Manila, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Interview with Kevin Chin

Check out our chat with Kevin below!

“The landscapes definitely changed verses when I went through the program. What we live in is a world where the half-life of knowledge is getting shorter which means there is a need to commit to lifelong learning. The fun thing about that though is the ability to reinvent yourself is more possible than it’s ever been”.

A great story that didn’t make the final cut of our video – we asked Kevin what his karaoke song of choice was, and he told us this story:

“This is a true story, I was at a nightclub in an old castle in Bodrum, Turkey…and a friend of mine bet me that I wouldn’t dare go up on stage in front of 5,000 people and sing. So I went up to the DJ and asked him for the microphone, and he thought I was nuts, gave me the microphone not thinking I would sing – I sang. My song was ‘Let It Be’ [by The Beatles] in front of a doof doof party of 5,000 people. The funny thing was that everyone stopped dead in their tracks and they started to sing along!”