We are proud to share the exciting news that UNSW Business School, in a university-wide collaboration with philanthropic donors, the Vice-Chancellor, and the Faculty of Engineering, has successfully raised the funds for the scaling of the Playconomics program over the next two years. This is an inspiring illustration of the vast possibilities of philanthropy through our collaborative, meaningful, and strategic engagement with charitable contributors.

Playconomics is an innovative online video game led by Professor Isabella Dobrescu and Professor Alberto Motta in the School of Economics that improves students’ understanding of economic concepts and financial literacy by enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios. This initiative marks a significant step towards the integration of innovative and engaging educational technology in higher and secondary education. The success of the Playconomics Outreach pilot in 2022 has been impressive, with positive feedback from all the high school students and educators involved.

The funding required to begin scaling up the program across Australia was substantial, and the UNSW Business School could not achieve this alone - a cooperative university-wide effort was required. The secured funding will enable a significant step forward in the goal to make the program accessible to all Australian high school students, regardless of their location or socioeconomic background. The team are already making significant progress with 1,222 new students enrolled in T1, smashing the target of 500!

The widespread adoption of Playconomics will not only benefit students by enhancing their comprehension of economic concepts and financial literacy but also contribute to the creation of a more knowledgeable and engaged Australian workforce. And importantly, as we know, economists play an integral role in determining policies. It is in the interest of our society to ensure the pipeline of future economists is broadly representative, in particular of our gender, racial and socioeconomic diversity.

This is another wonderful example of how philanthropic contributions can make a significant impact. We encourage everyone at UNSW Business School to collaborate closely with philanthropy on opportunities for impact in their areas, and support the Playconomics team as they scale up the program!

To discuss opportunities with philanthropy please reach out to philanthropy@unsw.edu.au.