Yuwaya Ngarra-li team members from the Dharriwaa Elders Group and UNSW Sydney attended and presented at the 3rd Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health & Wellbeing Conference 2023, held on the Gimuy Walubara, Yidinji and Yirrganydi people's Country in Cairns in June. It was an incredible opportunity and privilege to learn from and connect with hundreds of colleagues working on disparate but connected community-led collaborations and research.

Yuwaya Ngarra-li presentations included:

Food intake in Walgett: an Aboriginal community facing food and water security challenges in regional Australia by Trish Tonkin, Alinta Trindall and Keziah Bennett-Brook presenting on the food security findings of the community surveys.

Yuwaya Ngarra li

A model of housing developed with Elders in Walgett – Gamil dhuningarraay baa by Samantha Rich, who presented on her Masters project.  

Yuwaya Ngarra li

Peta MacGillivray also participated in the National Indigenous Data Sovereignty Summit held before the Lowitja Conference, an all-Indigenous gathering to progress Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Australia including advancing Indigenous communities' and organisations' data needs through the development of a National Guide. Peta is on the Executive of the Maiam Nayri Wingara Indigenous Data Sovereignty Collective and is leading YN's work to operationalise the principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Indigenous Data Governance to ensure community control of data.