Prof Mark Parsons, Professor of Medicine & Neurology visited the premier institutes of technology and Medicine in India. He went to IITD and AIIMS India (both publicly funded crème de la crème places for academics, research, and development). Prof Parsons gave an enlightening talk on the future of AI and acute stroke management and health sciences.

It was attended by more than 100 senior researchers, professors, and young clinicians from both institutes. Prof Parsons discussed.

  • Next generation Perfusion algorithm with Prof Amit Mehndiratta and how we can challenge the status quo where the improvements have been plateaued from last decade.
  • He also discussed an existing project for which a grant application was made to NHRMC for a stroke recovery project using IITD patented recovery device. The IITD team was impressed by Prof Parsons's vision and mission to improve the quality of care for such a devastating disease.
  • IITD Prof Mehndiratta and Prof Parsons team will work very closely from now on some of the impactful projects, including cutting-edge data management, research, AI and mobile app development projects.
UNSW Sydney
Professor Mark Parsons AIIMS India Trip. Image: Sourced

This collaboration between the three premier institutes (UNSW, IITD, AIIMS) will create profound breakthroughs in Medicine and research. Prof Parsons motivated the IITD and AIIMS teams and candidly discussed endless possibilities that can become a reality with this cross-border collaboration. A formal MoU may be signed soon between the two research powerhouse groups.

Kathmandu visit for attending the workshop on Empowering women to excel in AI and data science.

The visit to this small Himalayan nation was successful and made news throughout the country. It got attention from various leading newspapers but also from the Nepalese government's research and policy-making wing. Prof Parsons's visit got so much attention, curiosity and response that all the top university senior dignitaries came to meet and discuss future collaborations. Some of the prominent people were

  • Prof Pratima Pradhan ( First Women Director of Nepal Telecom)
  • Prof Sanjeeb Pandey. ( Dean Tribhuvan University)
  • Prof Bal Krishana ( Prof and Dean of Kathmandu University)
  • Dr Pradip Gayanwali ( Executive Chief of Nepal Health Research Council)
  • Saba Ansari ( Senior Lecturer, Monash University Australia)

Prof Parsons encouraged the students from this small nation to come forward and help their country and promised them all possible help from his side, including making himself available as a mentor for future research and development projects. Dr Gyanwali cordially invited Prof Parsons to work as a Nepalese Health and Research Council advisor to shape Nepal's future public health policy. Prof Parsons will be on their panel officially.

UNSW Sydney
Professor Mark Parsons with whole team Nepal. Image: provided
UNSW Sydney
Professor Mark Parsons fecilitation in Nepal Yosaka. Image: provided.

Prof Parsons got a warm welcome from local Universities, Newspapers and the electronic media with ~ 7 minutes of coverage in a morning talk show where they discussed his efforts in improving health care, especially in second world countries and mentioned him as an enabler and visionary.