We are proud to share our team at UNSW Sydney's breakthrough in solar panel recycling. We've developed a patented sieving process that effectively separates and recycles photovoltaic panel materials, with a focus on extracting valuable silver.

With millions of tonnes of solar waste expected by 2050, efficient recycling is crucial. Traditional methods made separating components like glass, silicon, and metals challenging. Our process, however, ensures 99% effective separation, offering a solution to the pressing issue of solar panels reaching their end-of-life.

Our innovative technique uses sieving aids, and we found that stainless steel balls provide the optimal results. Beyond this, we're exploring more avenues for efficient solar panel recycling and seeking industry collaborations to scale our process. The aim is to ensure solar panels are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Please see more details via UNSW Newsroom https://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/science-tech/new-environmentally-friendly-solar-panel-recycling-process-helps-recover-valuable.

ProMO PV recycling team
The new patented recycling process uses sieving aids to more effectively separate the material that makes up a solar panel, allowing valuable elements such as silver to be recovered and reused. Image from Professor Yansong Shen