For Damien Rakic the decision to pursue a Master's degree in Logistics Management at UNSW Canberra was driven by a desire for lifelong learning and becoming an leader in the industry he works in. 

Having previously worked for a decade in the construction industry, Damien decided to make a career change eight years ago into supply chains and logistics.

"I made the change to supply chains and logistics relatively late in life. I had worked in the construction industry for nearly a decade before changing my career," Damien said.

"The career change was inspired by the ability to work in a field that is broad and relevant to every business, and this is certainly more the case after the impacts felt by the COVID-19 pandemic."

Damien chose UNSW Canberra to do his Master's because of the university's reputation for well-structured courses and its research achievements. The course's relevant and interesting units sealed the deal for him.

What made UNSW Canberra even more appealing to Damien was the flexibility of completing the degree online, as he had to juggle his studies with a demanding full-time job. 

"A key factor in my decision was the ability to complete the degree online. I work full time, and it was important that I have the flexibility to work through the lectures in a time frame that is suitable for my lifestyle," Damien said.

"Completing a degree online can be a very personal experience as there is no real opportunity to meet your fellow classmates in person, so I am very appreciative of how attentive and available all the lecturers were."

UNSW Canberra's Master of Logistics Management also exposed Damien to an area of supply chains and logistics that he has since developed a keen interest in.

"One area of learning I found very insightful was the unit I selected that focused on how supply chains can assist NGOs and humanitarian organisations during times of crisis, " Damien said. 

"I'd had no real exposure to this area of the industry, and I found it really interesting to understand how organisations have to strike a real balance between self-funding and assistance from Governments to achieve their goals."

For anyone contemplating a postgraduate degree at UNSW Canberra, Damien advises careful consideration of the course's relevance to your career goals. 

"I am a firm believer in the concept of continually improving oneself; but the idea of studying and committing years of investment into a course needs to be carefully considered," Damien said.

"Ensure that the course you select is relevant to the goals you have set for yourself or the industry you have a career in.

"As any student knows, the amount of time and dedication required to complete a degree requires sacrifice in other areas of your personal life, but it is a worthwhile endeavour and can be life-changing both from not only an education standpoint but also from an employment perspective."