Congratulations to two mathematics students who have received the 2024 School of Mathematics and Statistics Advanced Mathematics Honours Scholarship.

The awardees, Anne Chen and Aaron Manning, were announced at the School of Mathematics and Statistics' annual Advanced Mathematics Day Honours Info Session last Friday, where they were conferred their certificates by Head of School Adelle Coster.

Two candidates are selected for this scholarship annually, which is based on exceptional academic performance and provides $5,000 per awardee. 

Anne is a third year Advanced Mathematics/Economics student, and Aaron is a third year Advanced Mathematics student. Both students received outstanding marks throughout this year, and will be taking up Honours in 2024. 

"This scholarship has given me the push to pursue Honours, and I’m hoping to make the most out of the year and learn lots from both the thesis project and coursework", said Anne.
"Over the last two years, I’ve come to realise just how much I enjoy mathematics and I’m keen to explore more, challenge myself and deepen my understanding of topics that have stuck with me since being exposed to them in second and third-year courses."

"Research in mathematics has always been something that has interested me, particularly because of the way it allows one to study a very constrained domain in great depth", said Aaron.
"The Honours year seems like a perfect opportunity to get some real exposure to that, and this scholarship is an opportunity I'm extremely grateful for, both as validation for the time I have invested into my studying thus far, and as a huge motivational boost to do my best work on my thesis."

A very big congratulations to Anne and Aaron, and we wish them both all of the very best for their Honours year! 

Anne Chen Anne Chen
Aaron Manning