The Faculty of Engineering supported UNSW’s condemnation of gendered violence by raising awareness of available reporting mechanisms through a dedicated information session.

Held on Thursday 16 November at the Design Next Studio, the session was tailored to Engineering Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students. Attendees learnt how to report gendered violence within the community and gained an understanding of the process that follows once a report is made. Students were encouraged to speak up, report incidents and access support if they had been a victim of gendered violence.

Guest speakers from within the university included Conduct and Integrity Office Project Manager, Semra Tastan; Conduct and Integrity Office Manager Disclosures and Complex Investigations, Riley O’Keeffe; and First Responder and Acting Deputy Head for Psychology and Wellness, Renee Griffin. The speakers shared information about their individual responsibilities when a gendered violence report is made, and explained how they are working to stop all forms of gendered violence within the UNSW community.

The session was followed by a light lunch where attendees were able to network, catch up and discuss the content of the session.

Gendered violence includes sexual misconduct, hazing, dating violence, domestic and family violence, sexualised and racialised bullying, sexual misconduct, including sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Students and staff are encouraged to report all incidents through a dedicated UNSW portal