In December, the Dharriwaa Elders Group launched the Gali (‘water’ in Gamilaraay) water kiosk at their shopfront, providing safe, chilled drinking water to Walgett residents—something that is not guaranteed by the town’s water supply.

The kiosk uses a bespoke reverse osmosis unit that filters the water and removes sodium, meaning that the water is suitable for everyone, including people with chronic health conditions, unlike Walgett’s drinking water.

The unit was developed with advice from UNSW collaborators including Professor Greg Leslie, was designed and manufactured pro-bono by Bruce Atkinson, Beca Group, and installed by HL Mullane & Son.

Food and Water for Life Project Officer Ty Hickey has provided an update on the use of the kiosk. Since the video was made, we can report that the amount of water provided has increased to 6,425 litres as at 8 April 2024!

Watch Ty’s update here