The BAJC Conference provided a platform for researchers from participating institutions, including Baosteel, to exchange ideas and address challenges in materials, energy, and environmental research. Distinguished Baosteel delegates Dr. Pijun Zhang, Dr. Zhenghong Tian, and Mr. Yongzhu Ma attended, representing Baosteel's commitment to research and development.

Professor Yansong Shen sent a delegation consisting of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows: Dr. Xiaobing Yu, Mr. Ziguang Zhao, Mr. Dan Xu, Mr. Ming Jiang Gan, and Mr. Jin Xie. They presented their research work to attendees from other universities and Baosteel delegates, showcasing Shen Lab's contributions to the field.

Notably, Mr. Ming Jiang Gan was awarded the Best Presentation Award for the “Steel Materials and Process” session. He presented his work on the novel co-injection of hydrogen and biomass (CoHB) technology, highlighting its potential impact on ironmaking decarbonisation.

As the conference concluded, the delegates returned with valuable insights and new connections. The collaborative spirit fostered at the BAJC Conference 2024 is expected to strengthen the relationship between Baosteel and Shen Lab.