UNSW Chemical Engineering proudly welcomed Mr. Andrew Purvis, Director of the World Steel Association, as the first industrial speaker for the 2024 Chemical Engineering Industry Seminar held on February 20th. The seminar, chaired by Professor Yansong Shen, aimed to bridge the gap between research and real-world applications in the field of iron and steel production.

Mr. Purvis, a distinguished figure in the global steel industry, provided attendees a clear understanding of the present state of the steel industry during the seminar. His presentation offered insights into the production of iron and steel, particularly in addressing climate change challenges, while also discussing current emission reduction efforts, exploring potential pathways for future development, and highlighting key enablers of transformation within the industry.

The presence of Mr. Purvis provided students and faculty members alike with a rare opportunity to engage directly with a key influencer in the industry. Through interactive discussions and insightful exchanges, participants gained practical advice and invaluable perspectives on driving industry transformation towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Following the seminar, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students working in the field of ironmaking from ProMO lab had the opportunity to present their research. This provided a platform for showcasing cutting-edge research initiatives directly relevant to the themes discussed during Mr. Purvis's presentation, further enriching the dialogue and fostering collaborative efforts between academia and industry in advancing sustainable practices within the iron and steel sector