AGSM is the only school in the Asia Pacific region to be included in the FT’s ranking of the top 10 global MBA programs.

This comes after the AGSM MBAX was ranked number one in the Asia-Pacific Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) 2024 Global Online MBA rankings announced late last year.  

Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean at UNSW Business School and Director of AGSM discusses the school’s recent achievement in global rankings, emphasising the increasing significance of online MBAs in executive education and their societal impact. 

“We are pleased to see the AGSM MBAX program’s continued success in the competitive global online MBA market,” Wailes said. “The rising demand for quality online education reflects a broader trend towards accessible and impactful learning.” 

“The program’s flexibility and accessibility make it particularly attractive for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Having a diverse cohort can make a huge difference to the overall experience of online class discussions.” 

“With specialised courses available in Technology, Social Impact, Change, Law, or Finance, the AGSM MBAX stands as a compelling option for leaders who seek to drive positive change in society,” he said.

“We are committed to refining our curriculum in partnership with industry leaders and scholars, ensuring our graduates are prepared to address the complex challenges of today’s world,” Wailes stated. “This dedication to excellence is evident in our consistent performance in global rankings, including those recognised by The Financial Times.” 

The latest Financial Times rankings use indicators such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), program diversity, research rank, international faculty, salary increase, and more to assess the world’s top online MBA programs of today. 

“In our AGSM @ UNSW Business School MBA programs, sustainability and responsible management are thoroughly covered. This ensures that our graduates are equipped to apply these principles of responsible management in their work directly,” said Jeremy Grace, Director of part-time MBA Programs. 

“Sustainability and responsible management are ongoing topics of discussion for us. Whether we’re talking about ethics, personal transformation, leadership, or integrating the principles of responsible management into our strategies, sustainability and responsible management guide the decisions we make about our course design at AGSM,” says Grace.

“This ranking relies on the strength of our UNSW Business alumni and what they say about our online MBA programme. This is a powerful testament to the work that we’re doing and that our alumni are still very engaged and dedicated. We are not just producing Business Leaders or entrepreneurs; we are producing the individuals who are at the vanguard of changing society for the good.”

“In our coursework and conversations with faculty, we witness our alumni's robust impact on society and the outside world. This virtuous circle exemplifies why AGSM is such a powerful brand,” says Grace.



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