We are proud to announce the release of a book by Drs David Angell and Thomas Britz of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

The launch of their book, Parabolic Problems: 60 Years of Mathematical Puzzles in Parabola, celebrates the 60th anniversary of mathematics magazine Parabola, a journal published by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. The journal has been freely available online for a decade, with its readership expanding globally to students and adults with an enthusiasm for recreational mathematics. Each issue of Parabola contains a collection of puzzles and problems on various mathematical topics at a suitable level for young mathematically sophisticated readers.

Parabolic Problems: 60 Years of Mathematical Puzzles in Parabola collects the very best of almost 1800 problems and puzzles into a single volume curated by the authors, long-time Parabola Problems Editor Dr Angell and decade-long Journal Chief Editor Dr Britz. Many of the problems have been re-mastered, with new illustrations featured. Topics covered range across geometry, number theory, combinatorics, logic, and algebra. Solutions are provided to all problems, and a chapter has been included detailing some frequently useful problem-solving techniques.

"In this celebration of 60 years of Parabola, we present a selection of the almost 1800 puzzles that have appeared", said Drs Angell and Britz.

"Our first criterion is, very simply, that the problems chosen should be fun! While this, inevitably, really means 'fun to us', we feel confident that readers will share our delight in the unexpected questions that can be asked, and the unexpected solutions that can be found through the application of generally school-level mathematics."

Popular Senior Lecturer Dr Angell joined UNSW Mathematics and Statistics in 1989. Parabolic Problems marks his second book; his first, Irrationality and Transcendence in Number Theorywas published in 2022.

Dr Britz, also a Senior Lecturer, has been at UNSW for 14 years. His achievements include winning a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2015, and receiving the UNSW Learning and Teaching Award for Student Wellbeing in 2021. Parabolic Problems represents his debut book. 

In the book's second foreword, previous Heads of School Professors Adelle Coster and Bruce Henry wrote, "The Parabola problems are an important and ongoing legacy that has helped to shape some of the brightest minds in Australia and now the world.

"We congratulate David Angell and Thomas Britz for their outstanding efforts in maintaining and strengthening this invaluable resource." 

First issue of Parabola, 1964