Do The Maths (DTM) aims to inspire young women to explore mathematics, statistics, and data science at the university level, highlighting the variety of fulfilling career paths available within these fields. It also strives to showcase the beauty, fun, and applications of the disciplines.

This year’s on-campus event set a new attendance record, welcoming over 430 students from 35 NSW high schools to the UNSW Roundhouse on Wednesday 5 June.

Event MC Catherine Greenhill kicked off the day with a warm welcome to audience members, among them school teachers and distinguished guests including philanthropic donors.

Five delegates representing the DTM program’s philanthropic donors attended: Samantha Philp, Simon Poidevin, Connie Short, and CEO Kate Thorley from Wilson Asset Management (WAM); and Anna Hocking of Paradice Investment Management.

WAM's Kate Thorley shared insights into her experience within the finance industry and imparted wise words of encouragement before our 2024 UNSW Women in Mathematics and Statistics Ambassador, Professor Karen E. Willcox, delivered her captivating talk "Adventures at the Interfaces of Mathematics, Computing and Aerospace", which featured fascinating highlights from her illustrious career. 

Presentations were also given by Dr Amandine Schaeffer ("Sailing from Maths to Ocean Sciences"), Dr Daniel Han ("Degrees and Scholarships"), and Dr Sahani Pathiraja ("Predicting the Future"). 

A lively Maths Carnival engaged students in interactive activities spanning 14 booths, utilising materials and equipment ranging from basic (origami paper, toothpicks), to more advanced (virtual reality headsets, dedicated software).

Dr Sean Gardiner facilitated the Counting Conundrums workshop (designed by Dr Gardiner, Jason Atnip and Yudhi Bunjamin), tasking students with counting the different arrangements of particular objects, from stacking cups to balancing brackets, and looking for connections along the way.

Campus tours were guided by UNSW Future Students Ambassadors, and the event wrapped up with a Q&A moderated by Visiting Teaching Fellow Andrea Barkla. The panel comprised current student panellists Isabela Conde, Qian Jin, Abi Srikumar, Saanvi Yerawar, and alumna Alina Young. 

On the evening of Thursday 6 June Professor Karen E. Willcox delivered a public lecture, "Digital Twins and their Applications Across Engineering, Science and Medicine", to 100 attendees in Colombo Theatre A. Following the talk, guests enjoyed refreshments and canapés in the Colombo foyer.

The School conducted two online DTM events via Zoom on Friday 7 June. The morning session welcomed 250 students from 46 Australian high schools, and for the second consecutive year we ran an afternoon session catering to groups from high schools in the South-East Asian region.

The online sessions included Professor Karen E. Willcox’s talk, a virtual workshop, and a Q&A panel featuring current students Queenie Huang, Naisha Kulshreshtha and Abi Srikumar who fielded questions sent in by participants.

The 2024 DTM event organising committee: Mareike Dressler (Academic Lead), Benjamin Lyall (Lead Project Officer), Frances Kuo, Andrea Barkla, Michelle Dunbar, Sean Gardiner, Daniel Han, Kristen Hunter, Alessandro Ottazzi, Sahani Pathiraja, Upanshu Sharma, Brock Sherlock, Tom Stindl, Susannah Waters, and Atefeh Zamani.

We also acknowledge the massive contributions of numerous members of staff and students across both campus and online events, without whom the success of DTM 2024 wouldn't have been possible - including those who ran carnival booths, assisted with the Counting Conundrums workshop, presented lectures, hosted sessions, participated in our Q&A panels, ran campus tours, and provided technical or administrative assistance. We appreciate all of your exceptional help.