Many past and present UNSW PhDs from the Water Resources group attended the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 2024 meeting in Pyeongchang, Korea. The AOGS is the Asia-Oceania equivalent to the AGU and EGU, created two decades back to highlight the growing importance the region carries in research in the Geosciences (10 of the top 15 Water Resources Universities, including UNSW, being from the region). The Climate Change Challenges Workshop was hosted at Seoul National University on the weekend before AOGS2024, drawing leading researchers in this domain from Asia and Oceania to outline how best we need to adapt our water resources infrastructure to meet the challenges of the future.

UNSW PhDs from across the world at the AOGS2024 meeting.

UNSW attendees pictured are Ashish Sharma (Professor), Kwanghee Han (current PhD candidate), Jhilam Sinha (PhD 2024), Cilcia Kusumastuti (PhD 2023), Hae Na Yoon (PhD 2023), Youngil Kim (PhD 2023), Ze Jiang (PhD 2021 and currently an ARC Industry Fellow at UNSW), Xia Wu (PhD 2020), Seokhyeon Kim (PhD 2018 and subsequently a research fellow and currently an Assistant Professor in Korea) along with his wife Kyungmin Lee. Also in the picture is Professor Eun Soon Im, currently on sabbatical at UNSW from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Also attending AOGS was Fitsum Woldemeskel (PhD 2016), now at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.