Digital Humanitarianism

Law & Policy challenges.

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Welcome to the project website for the 'Data Science in Humanitarianism: Confronting Novel Law and Policy Challenges' project. 

This project has explored how the use of digital technologies and data science in humanitarian and development work challenges both prevailing practice and legal concepts and techniques associated with that practice. Part of the project is concerned with developing and refining data science methodology in this domain; other parts are concerned with asking questions about the ethico-political and legal ramifications of such changes in methodology. Over the course of the project, the project team has engaged with a wide range of interlocutors. If your work is related, or you are interested in what we are doing, feel free to get in touch.

#Help, the book arising from this project, is available for purchase from Oxford University Press.

  • Presents a ground-breaking study of digital humanitarianism and its ramifications for international law and politics
  • Analyses how populations, maps, and emergencies take shape on the global plane in digital form
  • Showcases an innovative interdisciplinary methodology centered on analysis of interfaces

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